RadioMesh aims to be a P2P alternative to operator/government controlled internet.

Some planned features in order of priority:
  1. Client/Server mail via 1 hop radio and old internet.
  2. Graphics and Walkie Talkie API (custom screen + joystick pHAT)
  3. P2P Hub and Spoke mesh network with custom distributed IP/DNS. (trilateration pathfinding)
  4. Payment, congestion routing and spam protection. (micro transactions)
  5. Identity and keys. (door keys, subway card, voting etc.)
To participate you need a node:
  1. Client: Raspberry Pi Zero + 1x LoRa pHAT. (one channel simultaneous listen)
  2. Proxy: Raspberry Pi 2 + 2x LoRa HAT. (two channel simultaneous listen)
“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware” -Alan Kay